10/25 Hot Fix Patch Notes!


  • Selecting ‘Earth-52’ in the “Kill Them All!” mission in Dark Nights: Metal Part 1 will now properly start the match

  • Activating certain Alternate Art/Death Metal Leaders are no longer soft-locking matches

-- AA Zatanna

-- AA Batman

-- AA Death Metal Batman

-- AA Batman Who Laughs

Balance Change

  • Scarecrow now correctly has his balance changes applied; now 7/3 (was 7/2)


  • Cards will no longer randomly become large and unplayable

  • ‘All Hallow’s Eve' is now correctly giving resurrected Recruits “End: Sacrifice”

  • Players should now be able to place a Recruit on the gameboard after selecting “No” on the Recruit replacement dialog


  • Previewing card backs in the Cosmetics tab will no longer cause the card back to flash to the default card back design