11/21 Patch Notes


  • JSA: Virtue, Vice & Pumpkin Pie comic adventure is live!

  • Full Screen Deck Summary has been added. Click the magnifying glass in the lower right of your deck to see them.

  • Additional performance improvements


  • “The Penguin’s” ability now correctly only triggers off KO’s from attacks

  • Oswald Cobblepot’s ability now correctly shows recruits in your hand getting +1/+1


  • Resources are now active when you hide the action activation window

  • Fixed various issues with ultrawide monitors and comic selections

  • An empty deck now has text telling the player to drag cards there to build the deck

  • New decks will now automatically have 4 emotes attached

  • Pips no longer incorrectly move with the card when dragging a card into a deck during deckbuilding

  • Fixed various SFX in the comic adventures

  • Quickly pressing the deck stats button should no longer cause visual issues

  • Nekron’s START ability SFX have risen from the grave

  • Solomon Grundy’s PARTING SHOT ability SFX have… returned (no one wanted us to roll that joke twice)


We are aware of an issue with the deck editor where cards can be dragged on the interface. Closing and opening the view will reset this.