11/9 Hotfix Patch Notes


Twitch drops and Steam subscriptions get fixes!


  • Additional fixes were made to ensure that canceling Steam subscriptions does not remove the Gold benefits right away and should remain for the rest of the subscription’s duration.

  • Road to World’s Finest Twitch Drop should now be giving out the missing Harley Quinn Leader

In Process

We had hoped to have the following changes added to this patch, but unfortunately their solutions necessitated a delay to 11/14:

  • Cards from the Halloween and Blue Beetle Mini Sets are causing decks to be marked as invalid for Ranked Queues

  • Right-clicking on the ‘Green Arrow’ Recruit is causing the game to crash


Anyone after this patch that is still facing issues in regards to the Gold Subscription, please contact [email protected] with as much information about your issue as possible. As we roll out fixes the team want to make sure everyone effected by these issues has their problem seen to and handled appropriately and quickly. If you previously contacted support regarding this, include your ticket number in the new email. We appreciate the frustration you are feeling and are thankful for your patience.