12/12 Patch Notes


  • Batman: Noel comic adventure is live!
  • Balance changes!


  • “Appetite for Conquest” now reads: “Give enemy Recruits everywhere -1 POWER. Give your Recruits everywhere +1 HEALTH. Draw a card.”
  • “Robin” is now a 5/4 (was a 5/5)
  • “Superboy” is now a 5/4 (was a 4/4)
  • “Giant Anglerfish” is now a 2/2 (was a 3/2)
  • “Jason Blood” is now a 4/5 (was a 2/4)
  • “Six Blessings” now gives +3/+3 (was +1/+1)
  • “Welcome to Task Force X” now gives +2/+1 (was +2/+0)

You can view more details about these changes here.


  • “Black Manta” (Leader) now shows the correct number of cards discarded from the opposing player’s deck


  • Players are now able to edit decks from the Deck Selection screen when they are at their deck limit
  • The “Edit” button located on decks in the Collection and Play screens now works properly