12/21 Patch Notes


  • Unfortunately, this is the final content patch for DC Dual Force. However, the game will continue to operate through February 29th, 2024

-- More details here : https://dcdualforce.com/news/dc-dual-force-shut-down

  • All purchases made on or after October 17, 2023 will be automatically refunded. You will still be able to use all items before the game shuts down on February 29, 2024


  • All in-game currency and subscription purchasing has been disabled

  • All players have been granted the benefits of the Gold Subscription

  • Daily Login rewards grants have been activated. Each day you log in you will be granted:

-- 8000 Gems & 6000 Atoms

-- Note that at the end of the current Daily Login Track you will see these rewards transferred to a new Daily Login track

  • Deluxe upgrades for the base 15 Leaders will be available to anyone who achieves rank 50 on a new Ranked Ladder that starts at the end of the current ladder

  • New cards are available exclusively through Atomizaton

-- Aqualad

-- Corum Rath

-- Plastic Man

  • Many bundles featuring cosmetic Card Backs and Profile Images have been added to the store

  • A Retro Alternate Art Leader bundle has been added to the store