12/5 Patch Notes


  • Action Comics #1 comic adventure is live!
  • The Black Manta subscription pack is now available!
  • New Daily Login Track!
  • New Ranked Ladder Rewards!
  • New Store Items!


  • Fixed a potential issue caused by “Hurl into the Stratosphere” that could prevent the game from continuing when “Friends in High Places” is played directly after


  • Fixed a flickering issue that would happen in the tutorial and comic adventures when you clicked to progress the story.
  • Edit deck button has been added to the play screen
  • Added more music to comic adventures
  • Completed paths should no longer remain after being completed in Wonder Woman: Witching Hour
  • Fixed several instances of blank description boxes when zooming in on cards
  • The “Add Deck” ( + ) button on the play screen now works correctly
  • Killer Croc and King Shark attack animations have been added
  • Improved error handling of the gameplay end turn timer