BAT Patch Notes #1 - October 24


Welcome to our first major Bugs And Troubleshooting Patch! Also known as: The BAT Patch! Where tons of bugs and other in-game issues troubling Gotham have come to get squished. Over the next few weeks, we'll be issuing BAT Patches to address the pressing needs of our community. We appreciate your patience, and join us as we go through our first BAT Patch Notes!


  • Dark Nights: Metal Part 1 comic adventure is live!

  • The Halloween Cosmetic Bundle is now available!


  • Reduced the turn timer from 120 seconds to 100 seconds to improve the overall gameplay experience

-- We are currently working on a new solution that will dynamically reduce the turn timer based on AFK or delays from players in making their moves, so stay tuned!

  • The following Leaders and Cards have received balance changes:

-- Superman (Leader): Now has 24 Health (was 22 Health)

-- Shazam! (Leader): Now has 21 Health (was 22 Health)

-- Skeets (Recruit): Now a 1/1 (was 1/2)

-- Scarecrow (Recruit): Now a 7/3 (was 7/2)

-- Clown Henchman (Summoned by Send in the Clowns): Now costs a BRONZE resource (required no resource before)

-- Mad Hatter (Recruit): Requires no resource (required a BRONZE resource before)

-- Electrokinesis (Magical Spell): Deals 2 to 6 damage (was 1 to 5)

-- Hal Jordan (Recruit): Now a 6/6 (was 5/5)


  • We have changed how damage and permanent stat debuffs are displayed to help better identify the status of cards in play:

-- Permanent Stat Debuffs are shown in yellow

-- Damage is shown in red

  • Dragging an action over to a fully charged Leader will no longer activate the ability

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to sometimes not be able to play cards in front of their Leaders

  • Added additional code to improve Comic Adventure experiences moving forward

  • Removed cases where players' hands can have a gap in them such as the use of the card ‘Indoctrinate’

  • Friendly Leaders will now receive a charge if Robin is KO’d during his attack

  • ‘Ch’p' card description now correctly states he will buff Green Lantern by +1/+1

  • ‘Lobo’ now shows his card mark when zoomed in

  • Using ‘Grapnel Gun’ on ‘Thomas Wayne Batman’ no longer causes the Recruit to reset its base health and attack value and will not lose ability

  • ‘Mera’ will no longer activate her own ability when placed on the game board

  • ‘La Dama’ now triggers if ‘Shazam!’ is turned into ‘Billy Batson’ and KO’d

  • ‘Arkham’s Guard' deploy ability no longer activates after their opponent’s Anarchy or Tyranny Leader is KO’d

  • ‘La Dama’ now counts Gold card actions to activate the deploy ability

  • ‘Scarecrow’ will now count itself in order to activate its deploy ability

  • ‘Embrace Madness’ will now work properly when a player has no cards in their hand

  • ‘La Dama’s' deploy effect will now trigger if Gold cards have been returned to player's hands

  • ‘Darkseid’ will now be able to use his deploy ability when using a Gold resource generated by ‘Booster Gold’

  • ‘Black Beetle’ will now count toward ‘La Dama’s' ability if he is KO’d

  • Playing ‘Circe’ when the opponent has multiple Recruits with the same attack value will no longer polymorph all of them

  • Several issues involving ‘Titanium Repeating Arrow’ have been fixed

  • ‘Booster Gold’ is now producing a Gold resource consistently when played for the first time

  • Fixed a technical error on ‘Steel Explosive Arrow’ so that it plays correctly

  • Carapax is now removed from gameplay when HP reaches 0 from other cards that apply a debuff

  • Invincible cards will now be removed from play if they are de-buffed and their HP reaches zero, including Leaders

  • Using ‘Indoctrinate’ on a Recruit no longer causes the card to visually remain on the game board


  • Adjusted the filter layout and added a functional improvement to search filters

  • Removed obsolete ability text from Cards to improve search in the Collection page (Impacts over 200 cards)

  • Removed unnecessary visual components to improve client loading time

  • Players are no longer being soft-locked when completing Mission 4 of Superman/Shazam: First Thunder comic adventure

  • Both Ally Leaders are no longer getting KO’d in Mission 4 of Superman/Shazam: First Thunder Comic Adventure

  • Both Ally Leaders are no longer getting KO’d in Mission 4 of Superman/Shazam: First Thunder Comic Adventure

  • Players are no longer getting soft-locked when the first Flash introduction comic panels begin to play in Mission 3 of Justice League: Origins Comic Adventure

  • Omni cards are now properly added to your inventory after claiming them from the Daily Login Rewards

  • Cards, Pages, and Previews now transition smoothly when viewing cards, scrolling through cards with the mouse wheel, and are free of graphical errors:

-- Previewing Decks no longer causes Leaders' images to improperly crop

-- Scrolling the mouse wheel while previewing Leaders or Cards no longer causes the background cards to incorrectly scroll

-- Scrolling the mouse wheel while previewing a card in play will no longer cause the tooltip to disappear

-- Scrolling through a card that has related cards attached will not cause the client to slowly scroll to the next or previous card

-- Spam clicking the left or right page arrows in the Collection page no longer causes visual issues to occur

  • Several Recruits now display visual effects when dealing damage to adjacent enemies or targeting enemies

-- Cards Affected:

  1. Lightning Arc

  2. Whack-a-Man

  3. Joker Toxin

  4. Shoot Randomly

  5. Black Manta

  6. La Dama

  7. Darkseid

  8. Silverback

  9. Morgaine Le Fey

  • Players are now able to include spaces in their deck’s names

  • Improved how the client handles visual effect animations

  • The “Clear Filter” button now functionally works when clearing search filters

  • Improved the positioning of the turn timer countdown animation

  • Adjusted gameboard lighting to improve client performance

  • Added the functionality to display card tooltips in select Comic Adventures

  • Improved how the logic functions when filtering in the Collection UI

  • Added a search filter for the Halloween Mini Set

  • Purchasing store bundles will visually reduce the amount of gems available in the wallet at the point of purchase

  • The Crafting Button will now be greyed out if players do not have available resources to craft and will no longer see an internal server error

  • The loading bar will no longer briefly flash when entering an incorrect password

  • The “x” button to remove a friend now functions as intended

  • Conceding during a tutorial match will no longer cause the “Concede” button to persist in other menus

  • Claiming a login reward in a different menu will now properly add it to the player’s inventory

  • Cancelling from the “Deck Editor” page on the card or cosmetic tab will now drop players back to those pages

  • Completed Weekly Quest sound effects and visual effects are no longer playing every time when opening the “Quest” tab

  • The Ranked Ladder is now properly resetting when a player sits in the Ranked tab during the Ladder reset

  • Players who had previously entered any match and disconnected on the VS menu of a comic will no longer soft-lock them

  • Players disconnecting while searching for a match will no longer soft-lock them on the “Finding Match” screen

  • When the season resets, players will be correctly placed in their appropriate rank

  • The game client will now display confirmation when blocking other players

  • The Brave and the Bold deck now properly appears for first-time players

  • Several graphical and audio fixes have been applied to Zatanna’s “Tadaaa!” emote:

-- Emote will now play when clicked and will not repeat the audio

-- Pumpkin’s lid is in the correct position throughout the animation

-- Pumpkin Guts are now layered properly

  • Several in-game typos have been fixed across multiple comic adventures, cards, and cosmetics

-- Joker’s emote now reads “Hey, pal!” Put 'er There!”

-- Fixed a typo in a choice moment tooltip in Batman: The Man Who Laughs Comic Adventure

-- Fixed truncation in “Research the Red Hood” choice moment in Batman: The Man Who Laughs Comic Adventure

-- A speech bubble is now displaying correctly when playing through the Flashpoint Comic Adventure

  • Several Death Metal profile images are now properly granted upon purchase:

-- Death Metal Superman

-- Death Metal Batman

-- Death Metal Wonder Woman

  • A significant amount of emotes are no longer off-center when displayed in the Emote wheel:

-- Zatanna: “Tadaaa!”

-- Batman Who Laughs: “Hahahahaha”

-- Batgirl: “You’re going down!”

-- The Flash: Finger Guns

-- and many more!

  • The game log now displays the correct damage amount for cards buffed by ‘Peacemaker’

  • Several Leaders are no longer missing their sound effects when triggering their Leader ability:

-- Traumatic Memory

-- General Adam

-- Project Superman Vault

-- The Joker (Clown in the Dark Mission)

-- Reverse-Flash

-- Jim Gordon

  • ‘Eugene Choi’s’ Deploy ability is no longer missing its visual indication when adding 3 Lightning Bolts to your deck

  • Opening a Leader pack will not reveal the Leader if the player spam-clicks before the animation finishes

  • Several cards are no longer missing their sound effects:

-- Nekron

-- Booster Gold

-- Chronal Duplication

  • Playing ‘Idoctrine’ on a Recruit no longer causes a graphical issue to occur

  • Tightened up some animations and voice-overs for a significant amount of Emotes

-- Examples:

  1. Batman: “…Impressive”

  2. Superman: “Up, Up, and Away!”

  3. Wonder Woman: “Have at ye!”

  4. Harley Quinn: “Dr. Quinzel, at your service”

  5. Batman Who Laughs: “Ohhh…Challenge”

  • ‘Favor of the Gods’ target animation has been improved when played

  • Several Deluxe cards are now properly displaying their Deluxe animation when played:

-- Deluxe ‘Mera’

-- Deluxe ‘Cyborg’

-- Deluxe ‘Infiltrator Scarab'

-- Deluxe ‘Hephaestus’

  • Leader cards now have the proper gold highlight when obtained from card packs

  • Emotes no longer overlap when viewing rewards from different comics

  • Several UI graphical errors have been fixed:

-- The Profile Widget no longer appears alongside the Reward pop-up notification

-- The Reward Screen for Justice League Origins Part 1 now displays all rewards correctly

-- Play button highlight is now a consistent size with the button itself

-- Color Text on Social, Quests, Achievements, and Rewards tabs have been adjusted for consistency

-- Daily and Weekly Quests now correctly display text

  • ‘Batman’s' Leader ability no longer contains errors in the text of its card selection prompt

  • Removed the pound sign before Player and Enemy Effects in the Objectives UI

  • Placeholder text has been removed from Captain Atom’s Atomization tutorial

  • Emotes that are displayed in the second comic reward slot no longer overlap with other emotes

Known Issues

The BAT Patch has been devastating to the Known Issues list... putting them on notice that THEY'RE NEXT! Click Here to see what's left!