BAT Patch Notes #2 - November 7


  • Suicide Squad Mini Set will be available for Gold subscribers after a slight delay (likely around 9 p.m. Pacific on 11/7)

  • Suicide Squad: Black Vault Part 1 is now live!

  • New Poison Ivy and Doomsday Leader Bundles are now available for purchase

  • New Supergirl Card Back is now available for purchase


  • Several fixes have been implemented regarding issues that occurred during Mulligan

  • Implemented some fixes regarding AI behavior during matches

  • Playing against AI will no longer cause the AI enemy to concede if there is a disconnect

  • If the opponent’s Leader has AURA and then plays “Ares”, it will no longer remove AURA and will apply +4 CHAOTIC

  • Using ‘Batman’s' Leader ability will no longer cause the player's entire hand to disappear

  • One of the Recruits summoned by ‘All Hallow’s Eve' will no longer lose “End: Sacrifice” if the other Recruit that was summoned knocks itself out

  • ‘Lobo’ now marks an enemy when played

  • ‘John Constantine's’ ability now changes the stat during its animation

  • Pressing the “End Turn” button quickly after playing ‘Amethyst’ before ‘Crystal Blast’ appears will no longer cause the match to soft-lock until the turn timer ends

  • ‘Commissioner Gordon’ is now creating ‘Squad Car’ if they are automatically KO’d by ‘Appetite for Conquest’ when played

  • ‘La Dama’s' ability no longer counts itself as a Gold Recruit when played

  • In Mission 1 of Superman/Shazam: First Thunder Part 1, ‘Eclipso’ can now be knocked out when his HP is 0 and has crystals on the game board

  • Dark Nights Metal Part 1 now has the appropriate pathing if a player loses, allowing players to re-enter the path they lost


  • Steam users are now granted all the perks associated with the Gold membership when subscribing

  • Emotes in the Collections page have been polished to update the frame, button functionality, and audio timing

  • Updated SFX for Harley Quinn Leader

  • The Game client will no longer soft-lock if Player A disconnects towards the end of their turn and Player B places/attacks on their next turn during PvP

  • Cards will no longer get stuck on the screen in the On Play Animation position for the opponent during a match

  • Progress bars for Daily and Weekly quests now match the quest requirements

  • Cards that have been buffed by Recruits are now displayed correctly in the Game log

  • The Evade animation will no longer play after a Recruit has attacked if Evade was taken away by another Recruit will Flurry

  • When 'The Riddler' is played by an AI opponent, the player's Recruit will no longer display a visual issue

  • Decks that are invalid will now display a red highlight

  • Scrolling too quickly on the Card Packs tab in Collections no longer causes display issues

  • Comic choices in Green Lantern: Twilight of the Guardians Part 1 are no longer missing descriptions when hovered over

  • ‘Trick or Treat’ now has a created card preview for its created cards

Store Purchases will now populate a rewards screen

  • The profile image for Death Metal Superman is now being granted immediately after purchasing the Death Metal bundles

  • Animations for two cards will no longer be shared if they have the same text for their effect

  • A relog will no longer be required to see incoming friend requests

  • Harley Quinn’s “Dr. Quinzel” emote will no longer display graphical errors when played

  • Icons that are obtained through bundles now appear correctly in the profile icon tab on the social widget

  • Changing the Profile Icon and then opening any social menus through the profile widget no longer causes graphical errors to display

  • Players who have reached the World’s Finest tier will now display their rank during a match

  • ‘Shazam!'s' Leader ability now properly displays visual effects

  • The opponent’s card sleeves will no longer appear upside down from the player's perspective

  • New players are now able to send or receive messages without needing to relaunch their client

  • The Navigation arrows on the Leaders and Cards tab now have sound effects when clicked or using the mouse wheel to scroll

  • Switching from the Ranked Rewards tab to the Ranked Overview tab will no longer re-open the popup window

  • The visual effects for Atoms being added to the player’s wallet now display properly after atomizing cards

  • The Store tutorial no longer shows a misaligned highlight around the booster pack

  • The Card Back Quick Change menu will no longer appear outside of its intended location

  • The turn timer audio will no longer preemptively end before the turn timer finishes

  • Double-clicking the back button on any menu will no longer display the page turn animation twice

  • All rewards are now clickable when received after completing a comic, without it causing the highlight to disappear

  • The Rewards tab in the user profile widget can no longer be accessed before finishing the tutorial

  • Search toggles for Leaders are now able to toggle on or off the deluxe versions of the cards

  • The Card Back Quick Change menu now displays the highlight when selecting a card back

  • The “Batman Who Laughs: Hahahahaha” emote will now play its animation properly when played in a match

  • The profile widget will no longer display a blank profile image for new and existing accounts that have never set a profile image

  • Purchasing Gems from the store no longer displays a graphical error in the reward pop-up

  • If a card has related cards, scrolling with the mouse wheel will no longer result in a slow scroll

  • Implemented a text filter that sorts through the Cosmetics tab in Collection

  • Selecting a mod or Leader in certain comic adventure missions in different resolutions will no longer cause the pop-ups to overlap with the titles

  • ‘Gentleman Ghost’ no longer has an empty tooltip

  • When an opponent plays ‘Dr. Fate’, the card they seek becomes very large

  • When new players are introduced to Cyborg’s dialogue during the tutorial, the highlights no longer appear in quick succession

  • ‘Carapax’ no longer displays an empty tooltip box when previewed during a match

  • The pages under the Collections menu no longer scroll invertedly when using the mouse wheel

  • All Recruits with Flourish will now display its visual effects when played by the opponent

  • The profile icon on the Social Widget no longer appear white upon first login

  • Ranked badges are no longer being obscured if players have the “on-fire” status

  • The Gauntlet Icon is now correctly aligned to its highlight when a player reaches the World’s Finest tier

  • ‘Nightmare Nurse’s' end ability now displays its heal visual and sound effects

  • Players are now able to cancel out of an initiated Challenge without having to press “Play”

  • In Encounter 4 of the Dark Nights Metal Part 2 comic adventure, the opponent’s deck now displays the card back properly

  • Added text in the Deck Builder to inform players they can drag cards to a designated location to build their deck

  • There is now a reward pop-up when claiming a Gold reward in the Daily Login Track

  • Selecting the card rarity will now filter out cards in the Pack Drop Rate window

  • ‘Barry Allen’s' movement ability in Flashpoint Part 1 no longer displays weird text

  • Different mod types are now separated properly in the mod tab

  • Several leaders now have their visual effects fully hooked up and functional:

  1. Black Adam

  2. Aquaman

  3. Doomsday

  • Turn Timer visuals are no longer layered over card previews when they’re put into play

  • While the Card Back Quick Changer is open, the blue highlight on the original card is now aligned properly

  • Missing animation has been included in Blue Beetle: Metamorphosis

  • Superman’s transform visual effect is now displaying properly

  • Gem purchase options will no longer return an “invalid item” error

  • Clearing the filters in the advanced filter no clear the top bars visually as well

  • Cancelling a DEPLOY card will no longer cause gameplay issues

  • Cards with START and END keywords now display their tooltips when previewed

  • Cards with GUARD keyword now display their tooltip when previewed

  • Cards with DEPLOY keyword now display their tooltip when previewed

  • Alternate Art Superman’s HP text is now displaying in white

  • The turn timer circle no longer appears on the end turn button for the first turn in all matches

Known Issues

To see this week's known issues list, please click here.