Beta Bonanza! Increased In-Game Play Rewards!

Thank you all for the feedback about progression and collection-building. This is a unique time for the game, when everyone wants to build decks with as many options as possible, and our progression/rewards system aren’t quite complete. As such, we’re rolling out a Beta Bonanza event, to get you more packs for more fun as we ramp towards our long-term progression and rewards systems. So, here are the details on the Beta Bonanza!

  • The first time you log into the event, you’ll get THREE packs!
  • Every day after that, you will get ONE pack for logging into the game.
  • The first 4 wins every day will award 500 Dual Coins. This will net you 2000 Dual Coins total each day, which means another pack.
  • Additional game wins will then give you 100 Dual Coins.
  • We are moving the daily cap for Dual Coins you can earn from matches to 5,000. This is intended just to be a safety net for the game to prevent unknown exploits.

The Beta Bonanza event will run until progression/rewards are delivered in the game.

We hope this will enable many of us to build a better collection and experiment with more decks. If you have any feedback, join us in the DC Dual Force Discord!