Beta Bonanza Reinstated

August 23, 2023

We apologize for the confusion related to yesterday’s patch, when the Beta Bonanza benefits were erroneously discontinued. We are reinstating the Beta Bonanza benefits in a slightly enhanced way, starting immediately. As before, new players will get 3 boosters the first time they log in, and returning players get 1 pack each day they log in. Additionally, the daily DualCoin cap players can earn will stay at 5,000.

What is changing is that players will now get:

  • 600 Dual Coins for each of their first four wins each day (previously 500); and
  • 200 additional Dual Coins for each win thereafter each day (previously 100), up to the daily cap of 5,000.
  • You will now need to go to the Daily Reward Track in the game to obtain your free daily pack (as opposed to it showing up in your inventory).

As DC Dual Force becomes more feature complete, and more ways to earn Dual Coins and packs are added into the live version of the game, the Beta Bonanza benefits will be phased out. This phasing out will begin when Daily and Weekly Quests are introduced into the game. At that time, the 400 Dual Coin bonus for each of a player’s first 4 wins will go away, and players will simply earn 200 Dual Coins for each win. When the official Daily Login Track fully launches with all its benefits, the 3 booster packs for new players and daily pack for returning players will be discontinued.