Beta Status Update - July 5


We are excited to announce that 24/7 beta access for DC Dual Force will be available to key holders, beginning July 7 at 1 p.m. Eastern (US)/ 10 a.m. Pacific (US)! Starting at that time, players and streamers with keys will be able to play on PCs whenever they want.

We have worked tirelessly to test our multiplayer servers, and we’re ready to open our gates for you! The keys you received for earlier Beta Weekends are still valid and should be used to access the 24/7 beta. If you do not yet have a beta key, please visit and click the “Beta Registration” button in the top right corner to request one.

While we had intended for players to be able to purchase items and keep the progression they earn in the 24/7 beta, our store needs more testing, so we’re delaying these elements until the Open Beta. Instead, we will be awarding each player special allotments of booster packs for each day they log in. The first day players log in, they will receive 30 booster packs to open, with an additional 5 booster packs awarded each day thereafter during the 24/7 beta.

Additionally, the Green Arrow and Shazam launch mini-sets will be available to everyone participating in the 24/7 beta.

Once Open Beta begins, we will reset accounts, so everyone can start fresh together.

We are hoping these booster packs and mini-sets will allow you to begin exploring different deck concepts to play against the AI, friends, and the community at large in unranked matches – particularly while we wait for daily login rewards, ladder play, and crafting to come online later. Origins – our first large set – has over 330 cards in it, along with 17 Leaders to build around, and we can’t wait to see what you build and compete with, using the limited number of boosters we’re providing.

Thank you for your patience as we work hard to bring this game to life. We love working on it and hope you have even more fun playing it with us!


Tobin Lent CCG Lab Inc. Chief Operating Officer