Beta Status Update - June 28


As many of you know, our engineers have been working hard the last two weeks working on the multiple scaling issues you faced in our last beta weekend. Following our last blog entry, we’ve been stress testing our servers, and have a good software solution in place, but it requires significantly more hardware to deliver at scale. As of today, that hardware expansion is not fully deployed and tested to our satisfaction. Consequently, we decided to take the conservative approach, canceling the upcoming Beta Weekend. This deployment and testing will take a few more days, so we will update you on its progress next Wednesday, July 5.

The good news is, by expanding our hardware right now, we are able to jump straight to 24/7 beta access as our next entry point for the game, making it so players and streamers with keys can play whenever they want. We heard a lot of feedback that the original beta windows were hard on players in different regions, and we agree that as much as possible, we want to alleviate those concerns. Also, instead of getting gems and earning progression that would be wiped away at the end of the weekend, we will open the store. Of course, you'll be able to keep everything you buy and earn through play once the 24/7 beta begins.

We know this isn’t ideal. Some of you have made plans for this weekend, to play, maybe even to stream. All we can do is try our very best to bring you the game in the best conditions possible. We will keep giving you updates about our progress along the way.

We deeply appreciate your patience, and your passion for what we’re building together.

Sincerely, Tobin Lent CCG Lab Inc. Chief Operating Officer