Combat in DC Dual Force


In this post, we’ll be taking our first leap into combat. We wanted to capture all of the punchy-ness of DC Comics in Dual Force, but along with that come some rules of engagement.

Let’s start by talking about Recruits. Recruits are characters who are summoned to the battlefield that engage in combat. Every Recruit has two values that are essential to how strong they are in a fight:

Their “power” is indicated in the red symbol on the bottom-left side. It represents how much damage that Recruit will deal while attacking or when attacked.

Their “health” is indicated in the blue shield symbol on the bottom-right side; it represents how much damage that Recruit can take before it is KO’d. In this case, Steve Trevor’s power value is two and his health value is three.

Steve Trevor Resized.png

On your turn, you can choose to attack with your Recruits. When you attack with a Recruit, you get to choose what they attack.

Generally, Recruits can only attack once each turn. When a Recruit attacks another Recruit, they each deal damage to each other equal to their power. Additionally, when a Recruit takes damage, it stays damaged. (Though another card or effect could heal that damage.)

For example, when Bluebird attacks The Mad Hatter, Bluebird deals two damage to The Mad Hatter. At the same time, The Mad Hatter deals one damage back to Bluebird.

Combat Blog Gameplay Image 2.png

The Mad Hatter is KO’d from the damage he took and is removed from the battlefield, whereas Bluebird still has two health remaining.

Combat Blog Gameplay Image 3.png

When a Recruit enters the battlefield or attacks, it becomes exhausted. Exhausted Recruits are unable to attack but will become “ready” at the end of your turn.

Recruits with SPEED are the exception to this rule. When a Recruit with SPEED enters the battlefield, it’s ready to attack right away.

Liberty Belle Resized.png

While a Recruit is in front of a friendly character, it is “protecting” that character. Characters that are protected cannot be attacked until their protectors are KO’d.

Combat Blog Gameplay Image 1.png

Here are some Recruits that highlight additional rules when it comes to protecting:

Steel has the GUARD ability. A Recruit with GUARD protects ALL of your other characters as long as it is in the front row.

Steel Resized.png

Huntress has the HUNTER ability. Characters with HUNTER can attack any character, regardless of whether it is protected. This means that a character with HUNTER can ignore the protective ability of a Recruit with GUARD.

Huntress Resized.png

There’s even more exploration to be done in the game, but this should be enough to get you a headstart in DC Dual Force. We wish you the best of luck in your battles and hope to see you online. See you next time!