Comic Preview - Batman: Noel

‘Tis the season! This week’s comic adventure is Batman: Noel, a holiday-themed comic, which will be released tomorrow. In the meantime, here is our comic preview. Batman patrols the streets of Gotham during the holidays, what trouble will he find along the way?

Will you be tactical or direct?


Which gadget will you take into battle?


Who will you visit?


“Sometimes I think that helping people, saving people, can be just as easy as showing them your face. The face of someone exactly like them” - Superman

The rewards:

Bah, Humbug!, Catwoman Card Back, and 1,000 Dual Coins.


Buh, Humbug! Is a rare action that entirely prevents opponents from playing Action cards. For those wondering “What happens when the opponent plays a card like Timothy Hunter or Ventriloquist?” The opponent can play those cards, but the actions they typically generate won’t be created. SHAZAM! Players beware, Bah, Humbug is coming for you

-- Willow, Global Creator and Player Engagement Manager.