Content Update - October 3

Rather than Patch Notes, we have a new Content Update for 10/3: Our Batman: The Man Who Laughs comic is now live, and we have a new Ranked Ladder season!


  • Due to some unforeseen issues with the Daily Login Rewards, we are running a 2-day Mini reward track while we get these issues fixed. Silver members get a random rare on Day 1, followed by 1,000 Dual Coins on Day 2; Gold members get 1,000 Dual Coins on Day 1 and an Origins booster pack on Day 2.

  • The new Ranked Ladder have two missing art assets. The assets for the Emote is currently missing, as is the card back. You will still get these items if you earn them before we fix the visual for them later this week.

An additional patch will be delivered later this week, including some balance updates and the October miniset.