DC Dual Force Beta Weekend FAQ

When is the Beta Weekend Running?

The DC Dual Force Beta Weekend runs from Friday, June 16 through Sunday, June 18. Servers will be online for all players with beta keys to play from 12 p.m. Eastern (US) to 4 p.m. Eastern (US).

What platforms can I play on?

The Beta Weekend will be available on PC only.

Where can I download the game and get a key to play?

Players can download the DC Dual Force game directly from www.dcdualforce.com, and access the game from beta keys they receive either from participating content creators or signing up for the beta at dcdualforce.com.

What system requirements does my PC need to meet?

The minimum PC system requirements for DC Dual Force are the Windows Vista operating system, an Intel Core I3-330M Processor, and an NVIDIA GeForce 940M graphics card.

I’ve downloaded the game, and entered my beta code, but it’s not working. Can you help?

We hope so! Please note: If you enter your beta key and attempt to create an account when the servers are unavailable, you’ll receive an error message that login is unavailable and to please try again later. Account creation can only be completed while the servers are live, and servers will be accessible during Beta Weekend from 12 p.m. Eastern (US) to 4 p.m. Eastern (US) each day, June 16-18.

If you are still getting this error message or another error when trying to create an account during Beta Weekend hours, please contact us at [email protected], or contact us via our official Discord channel

What countries and languages will be supported for the Beta Weekend?

The DC Dual Force Beta Weekend is open to all players around the world who have received beta keys. The game will be in English only.

What content will be available to play in the Beta Weekend?

Beta Weekend participants will be able to play through our tutorial and new player experience, battle through the first comic, bust open packs, build amazing decks around their favorite Super Heroes and Super-Villains, browse through a pool of over 300 cards, challenge the AI with their decks to fine-tune them, and play against the community and friends in unranked play.

What content is coming, but won’t be available yet during the Beta Weekend?

As you might expect from a beta, there are a few core experiences that are still in development but coming soon. These include Ranked Ladder play, where the more you compete and win, the more prizes you can earn; Crafting, where you can turn extra cards beyond the full playset you own in a particular rarity and convert them into resources to make cards at different rarities you don’t yet own; additional comics you can play, which will be added every week; our Gold-level subscription service, giving players 10 booster packs per month, access to weekly new comics, daily login rewards, and the entire back catalog of all playable comics published beforehand; and a competitive draft mode.

More information on all these additional experiences will come shortly, but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy the chance to get closer with your favorite Super Heroes and Super-Villains – and discover new favorites – through all the cool deck construction and match play experiences available during Beta Weekend!

Do I get to keep what I earned and bought while playing during the Beta Weekend?

All players participating in the DC Dual Force Beta Weekend receive a special daily login benefit of 4,500 Gems they can spend on whatever they want in-game so they can explore and get a feel for the game, as we test our internal systems. When the Beta Weekend is over all player accounts will be reset, and progress will be wiped.

Can I stream DC Dual Force during Beta Weekend?

Absolutely! Feel free to stream DC Dual Force during Beta Weekend, and make great video content your audiences will enjoy long after the event itself.

How do I play this game and build decks for it?

We created a gameplay and deckbuilding walkthrough at dcdualforce.com/game that will help explain the different parts of the board, how to play, and a tutorial for building your first deck. Go check it out!

Where can I read the latest official information about what’s available in the game?

The latest news, patch notes, and official designer blogs are all found in our website’s news section

I’m having trouble purchasing items with in-game currency (Gems, Dual Coins). How do I get help?

Please contact support at [email protected]

I’m having trouble entering a promo code I received for special in-game items! Can you help?

Please contact support at [email protected]

I experienced a bug! How do I let you know?

Please report any bugs you experience to us via our Discord channel