DC Dual Force Now Available on Epic & Steam!!

We are very excited to announce the expansion of DC Dual Force to Steam and Epic Games – just in time to deliver some maniacal play experiences this Halloween season!

A corrupted and evil version of the Caped Crusader – called The Batman Who Laughs -- is the centerpiece of our DC Dual Force platform launch experience. Featured in the final two playable comics at the end of October – Dark Knights Rising: Wild Hunt and Dark Knights Metal – the Batman Who Laughs also brings chaos to PvP matches via his special Leader Card that players can build decks around. Available in the October mini-set all subscribers receive, the Batman Who Laughs is highly dangerous and unpredictable – just like you’d expect a mix of Batman and the Joker to be!

“The comics we have featuring The Batman Who Laughs are very dark – just right for Halloween, but they really deliver what’s special about DC Dual Force,” said Tobin Lent, COO of CCG Labs. “As many folks know, The Batman Who Laughs is from a timeline where Batman loses his sanity to Joker’s toxin and recruits six other Dark Multiverse Batmans after they each alter themselves to get superhuman abilities. These Dark Knights then run havoc over the multiverse. In our playable comics, you get to play as these Dark Knights against our core heroes, earning prizes along the way. It’s really a fantastic experience.”

We hope you keep enjoying DC Dual Force and its expanded availability on new platforms!