Designer's Corner - Balance Changes 12/12

Acompanying our patch notes this week, we have gotten some insight from the design team into the changes being made to the game. This was a point of feedback given on our last set of balance changes via the discord. As always your feedback is a major aide for us and we appreciate the input.

  • Appetite for Conquest” Now reads: “Give enemy Recruits everywhere -1 POWER. Give your Recruits everywhere +1 HEALTH. Draw a card.”

This card has been on the balance team’s radar for a while now. It is a powerful and heavily played card, and its usage has only continued to grow after recent changes. Tyranny has many powerful Gold cards at its disposal, but this one has been seeing near ubiquitous play, stifling many of the other available options. This change is aimed at keeping Appetite for Conquest as a strong option for control-oriented decks, but making it less of an automatic pick for all decks in this faction.


  • "Robin" Is now a 5/4 (was a 5/5)

The boy wonder is one of the premier Silver Recruits for Tactics, but we felt he was slightly too good at too many things. While his Evade makes him hard to deal with by attacking, his substantial health made him a little too effective at surviving removal by direct damage. This change is intended to make him more vulnerable to cards like Energy Blast and Hellblaze, while still keeping him as an attractive option for most Tactics decks in the Silver slot.


  • "Superboy" Is now a 5/4 (was a 4/4)

While this stat increase may look like only a small change on paper, we think this will provide a serious boost to Superboy's effectiveness. This should help multiple archetypes.


  • "Giant Anglerfish" Is now a 2/2 (was a 3/2)

This change will make it a little more difficult for the Anglerfish to grow itself. When summoned by Aquaman or Throne of Atlantis, it will typically be in more of a support role, rather than being able to easily overwhelm enemies on its own.

Giant Anglerfish.png

  • "Jason Blood" Is now a 4/5 (was a 2/4)

Jason’s low stats have made it difficult to keep him around when you can’t immediately transform him into Etrigan. This boost will hopefully make him a little less of a vulnerability for those times when you need to play a Silver Recruit, but don’t have the spells ready to transform him.

Jason Blood.png

  • "Six Blessings" Now gives +3/+3 (was +1/+1)

The payoff for playing your ‘blessed’ Recruit wasn’t quite as impactful as we hoped it would be. This increase to the stat bonus should really make that character feel like they were blessed by the gods and provide a bigger incentive to try out some fun late-game combos.


  • "Welcome to Task Force X" Now gives +2/+1 (was +2/+0)

Welcome to Task Force X can be a tricky card to properly build around and execute. Our data showed that it was underperforming our expectations, so we decided to give it a little more juice by adding a health increase.