Designer's Corner - What's In Store

Hey Dual Force Fans!

With Open Beta upon us, I’m sure many of you are wondering what we have in store for DC Dual Force. Today we will walk you through what is changing with our economy as we move into Open Beta, what you’ll find in our store, what we’ll be adding in next for DC Dual Force to boost your collections.

Beta Changes

First we want to touch on a few changes we are making as we move from our Closed Beta into Open Beta.

Increased Dual Coins As we move from Closed Beta into Open Beta we want to make Dual Coins a bit more available to all players and reward players who play every day. In the future, we intend to have Daily Quests to help fulfill this goal, but until we are able to implement that feature, we are boosting the Dual Coins you’ll earn from your first three games each day.

Your first win will award +300 Dual Coins (400 total), your second will award +200 (300 Total) and your third win will award +100 Dual Coins (200 total).

In the coming months we will be implementing Quests to supplant this system, but we don’t want you missing out just because a feature isn’t ready.

Leader Packs During our Closed Beta period we wanted to make sure players had an accelerated rate acquiring the many Leaders that make up the diverse play experience for DC Dual Force. This was hugely successful at allowing everyone to have access to many archetypes as soon as we launched our Beta.

Leader Packs, at their heart, are a celebration moment when you play the game that unlocks your collection to try all manner of different decks. We don’t want to catch any of our fans off guard by this change as we set them back to their normal drop rates going forward.

Dual Coins and Gems DC Dual Force has two different currencies: Dual Coins and Gems.

Dual Coins are earned from winning games of DC Dual Force along with completing each comic for the first time. Each comic also unlocks a new card that you can put into your deck along with a unique cosmetic! We have plans for additional ways to earn Dual Coins that we’ll be adding in the coming months, including one that will be introduced at the beginning of next month!

You’ll be able to spend 2000 Dual Coins to purchase packs from the store. In the future, we will be implementing new game modes you can enter using Dual Coins as well.

Gems can be obtained via the store and come in a variety of bundles based on how much you intend to spend. We offer bundles of Gems starting at 500 gems for $5 and going all the way up to 13000 Gems for $100.


With Gems, you’ll be able to purchase Booster Packs in the same way as Dual Coins for 150 Gems each. However, unlike Dual Coins, Gems can also be used to purchase Bundles, Minisets and Cosmetics.


We offer a variety of bundles to kick off your collection in DC Dual Force.

Starter Bundle Our starter bundle offers everyone a great bundle to, well, start with.


For just 450 gems, it offers you 10 Booster Packs for the price of 3. Plus, you’ll receive a Bat Signal Profile Image and a random Ultimate card!

Leader Bundles For those of you who have a favorite character you want to celebrate, we offer Leader Bundles! Leader Bundles give you access to an alternate art version of a Leader, a new Card Back, along with two Player Profiles and emote. We’re also throwing in three cards that work great with these Leaders to help start you off.

On top of all these great cosmetics, Leader Bundles include 5 Booster Packs, and a Leader Pack.

When building DC Dual Force, we wanted to make unlocking new Leaders an exciting moment. So, instead of just opening a Leader out of a pack like any other card, you’ll instead unlock a Leader Pack. Leader Packs have a chance to drop out any Booster Pack, but are guaranteed when you purchase a Leader Bundle.

Leader Packs contain the Leader, a playset of cards from that Leader’s faction that are Rare or higher, a random Deluxe card from that faction and two more Booster Packs!


To kick us off, we’re launching with two powerhouse Gotham girls from the opposite sides of the law: Batgirl and Harley Quinn. Leader Bundles go for 1300 Gems, but keep an eye out, as we’ll be adding more Leader Bundles in the future.

Premium Bundle Finally, if you really want to have it all, we have the Premium Bundle.


The Premium Founder’s Bundle is a super-sized Leader Bundle. It gives you 3 Leader Packs for some of the greatest DC Heroes - Batman, The Flash and Wonder Woman, 4 Card Backs, 4 Emotes, 4 Profile Images and a whopping 65 Boosters!

Premium Bundles cost 7000 gems.

Green Arrow and Shazam Mini Sets

Each miniset comes with 9 cards and a unique Leader. These Leaders are NOT available in packs, though they will be craftable in the future.

With a single purchase, you’ll get a playset of every card in the mini set. This means you’ll unlock two copies of all nine cards along with getting access to a brand new Leader.


While many of the cards in these Set help support the new Leaders and depict some of their allies, we also included some of the Emerald Archer and Earth’s Mightiest Mortal’s most nefarious foes, like Cupid and Mr. Mind.

You can view all of the cards from this miniset in our Card Database.

Each miniset sells for 500 Gems.


Pride Month may be over, but we still want to celebrate some of DC Comics’ LGBTQ+ heroes.

For a limited time, we’re offering Card Backs for Crush, Kid Quick and Superboy.


Each sleeve sells for 400 Gems and we’ll be adding more of your favorite characters in the future.

What’s Next?

Now that we’ve covered what you’ll find in the store with the start of our Early Access, we also want to give you a glimpse into the near future and what you can expect from DC Dual Force in August:

Gold Subscription While not currently available, beginning in August, we’ll offer the ability to get a Gold Subscription to DC Dual Force. What does a Gold Subscription entail?

Monthly Subscription Set We know that the lifeblood of a good CCG is keeping the formats fresh and making sure there’s always something new and fun to play. With this in mind we’ve designed a new Subscription mini set for every month.

Each of these sets are very much like the Green Arrow and Shazam minisets, where you’ll receive a playset of all 10 cards in the pack.

10 Booster Packs of the Latest Set

Access to ALL Comics Every week we release a new comic. Some comics are Silver Tier and available to everyone for a limited time. Some comics are Gold Tier, specifically for subscribers. Subscribers also gain access to ALL Gold and Silver Tier comics we’ve released in the past.

However, once you’ve completed a comic, you’ll permanently unlock access to it, even if you cancel your subscription.

Upgraded Daily Login As a subscriber you’ll also receive an upgraded Daily Login track that will give you access to extra rewards, including the deluxe version of every card in that month’s subscription and other exclusive cosmetics.

To learn more about the Daily Login system, see below.

The Gold Subscription costs $9.99 USD per month.

Daily Login We want to reward you for playing DC DualForce as you play throughout the month. Beginning in August, we’re introducing our Daily Login Track, which will give you rewards for playing Dual Force.


As you progress through the month you’ll receive rewards based on how many days you’ve logged in that month. The track will advance each day you log in until you’ve logged in 20 days for the month.

Anyone with a Gold Subscription will earn both the top and bottom tracks. And if you subscribe midway through the month, you’ll receive any Gold Tier rewards you should have earned for the month.

As we add more features to the game, we’ll be updating this track to integrate those systems.

These systems we outlined today are just the beginning and there are many others on the way including Competitive Ladder and Crafting. For the latest updates stay tuned to and join our official Discord.