Designer's Corner - Daily/Weekly Quests

Hey friends!

Ben Stoll here to talk to you about the new Daily/Weekly Quest System in DC Dual Force! This system is designed to reward you for your playtime and help you build your collection via Dual Coins. Up until now you’ve only been able to earn Coins through match play, but adding the Quest system allows you to earn beyond match wins, which has always been our intention for the completed game.


There are two types of Quests that are always available to all players: Daily Quests and Weekly Quests. Completing a Daily Quest will award you with 1,000 Coins, while completing a Weekly Quest will award you 4,000. The Daily Quests are implicitly designed to most heavily reward our most dedicated players, who can complete every last one if they manage to find time for a play session at least once every three days, while the Weekly Quests are to make sure we still have rewards for those folks who may find it harder to play as regularly.

At the start of each week, you will get a new Weekly Quest, and will have the entire week to complete it.

At the start of each day, you will get a new Daily Quest, and can complete it at any time. However, you can only have 3 Daily Quests available to you at any given time, so if you’ve hit your cap, you will stop accruing new Daily Quests.

Progress towards your Quests is made automatically, so long as you’re in an eligible game mode and accomplishing the in-game requirements of the Quest. Essentially, as long as you aren’t in a direct match with a friend, progress towards your Quests can be made. Games against the A.I., Comic Adventures, Unranked Matchmaking and Ranked Ladder (coming soon) are all viable game modes to make progress on your Quests.

It’s a major part of our philosophy that you get to play the game the way it was intended to be played—to channel your resources into trying to win by taking out the enemy leaders. As such, we have forgone the notion of Quests that require you to do outlandish things that may not be in service of this goal, such as playing a certain number of cards in a single turn. The real idea is just to get a reward for playing a few games. However, there are still subtle incentives that might allow one of your decks to complete a given Quest faster than another deck would—for example there are Quests for playing a certain number of either BRONZE or GOLD cards, or playing a certain number of Recruits or a certain number of Actions.

Similarly, while we want you to, by-and-large, play with the decks you want to play with, we have Quests that require you to play with an indicated faction. This might occasionally give you a little excuse to put your Tier 1 deck down and mix it up with your Tier 2 pet deck for a change, but hopefully won’t be too annoying. We also don’t go so far as to ask you to play one specific deck (say, Green Lanterns) within a given faction.

We realize that hyper-specific or almost “achievement-level” Quests may be fun and appealing to some players. I’m not saying there won’t ever be an outlet for that sort of experience, but for the time being we are striving not to reinvent the wheel but to offer a reliable Quest system that will be satisfactory for a broad range of our players, and focus around the primary goal of helping players grow their collection simply by being a part of DC Dual Force and playing games.

As a last note, you will have the ability to re-roll one Daily Quest each day, replacing it with a brand-new Quest.

We hope you will find Quests a fun new way to build your collection, while also providing an excuse to explore your collection and occasionally try out a different faction! As always, we are open to feedback, and if we identify shortcomings in our Quest system we will strive to improve.

Thanks so much for playing and being a part of our community!