Development News & Announcements - November 6

Steam Subscription Double-Charge Resolution Update

As you may know, we had problem with Steam was making it so subscribers were sometimes getting charged twice up through October 31. We have now fixed that problem so it won't happen again. However, we are currently unable to refund their double-charge in a fast enough manner, so we're giving each player who subscribed on Steam between October 17 and November 1, and was double-charged 2,000 Gems in their accounts. Affected players will receive these Gems in their account the next time they log in. We will then refund the second subscription charge they received as soon as we can work a solution with Steam.

Planned Server Maintenance Scheduled for November 8

We are scheduling some back-end server maintenance for this Wednesday (Nov 8) at 10am PT. As such, servers will be down starting at that time, returning to service before noon Pacific.