Development Status Update - August 30

We are excited to announce that we’re entering the Early Access phase for DC Dual Force’s development today. Our goal in this phase is feature completion and launching the game as Early Access on Steam and the Epic Game Store. This phase begins with today’s patch, highlighted by the delivery of daily and weekly quests. Up next are ranked ladder play and updated daily login rewards, along with the start of our subscription service, featuring weekly comics and monthly minisets for subscribers. Then, it’s on to crafting and the centerpiece of this phase: DC Dual Force’s Early Access release on Steam and the Epic Game Store. A lot of fun experiences deliver in this phase, and we can’t wait to get all of these updates out there for you to enjoy.

For more information about how our daily and weekly quests will work in Early Access and beyond, check out our developer’s blog, where our lead game designer, Ben Stoll, delivers the details.

While we are very focused on delivering a feature-complete version of the game for you to enjoy, our work to eliminate bugs remains a top priority for our development team. We will continue to accelerate our efforts to deliver cleaner play experiences for you with each build we release throughout this Early Access phase.

See you soon in the game!

Sincerely, Tobin Lent CCG Lab Inc. Chief Operating Officer