Hot Fix Patch - October 27

We just did a hot patch to the game making it so:

  • players that purchase the Halloween or Death Metal bundles through Steam should now correctly get their items, and...

  • we fixed an issue that prevented players who'd linked accounts and earned Twitch Drops from getting their items in game! So: If that's you, please log out of the game, log back in, and you should now have your items. We think this fixed it, but in case some of you still aren't getting your items, please contact Customer Support at [email protected], and let them know the fix didn't work for you. We're hoping we got everyone, but this has been a tricky bug to fix, so please let us know.

NOTE: This does not fix the issue of players coming from Steam not being able to link their accounts and earn Twitch Drops in the first place. We're fixing that issue on the website so you can link your accounts, and you should be able to link accounts and earn Twitch Drops late next week. We'll keep you posted, and thanks for your patience!