Known Issues List

We are separating the official Known Issues, cleared through Production and QA, from the Patch Notes so we can update them more frequently, and as needed. We are beginning a new process of intaking, reviewing, and prioritizing bugs reported by the community, so please watch this space for more issues to be posted here in the near future. Thank you to everyone who is reporting bugs and helping making our game better, together!


  • Reconnect is now in the build, but it is still a work in progress. Users may experience reconnection issues in some edge cases.
  • Rapidly switching between tabs in the collection can cause performance issues
  • The Password field incorrectly disappears when entering an incorrect password
  • Emotes can overlap other items in the reward UI
  • In some cases, lag can cause a unit to temporarily display incorrect health values before updating
  • SHIELD Recruits can sometimes lose their SHIELD after returning to hand and being played again
  • Newly created accounts will not see pending friend requests on their first login
  • Riddler’s ability incorrectly will remove Aura from him at the start of the opponent’s turn
  • Queuing up multiple actions can cause visual anomalies, like the GUARD icon on Recruits to not appear until the end of turn
  • Rerolled Quests do not correctly progress from the first match after the reroll
  • Deck Stats, if left open, can stay on the Leader UI area when players leave deck creation or deck editing and return to the matches UI
  • Some arrow indicators can stay on screen in the tutorial until the mission ends