Known Issues - September 29

[DCDFC-4358] Deck name and contents are not updating to its most recent saved changes unless a player navigates out of the collection screen and back in

[DCDFC-4341] Sometimes while you are playing against AI, there will be a disconnect, and AI enemy will concede

[DCDFC-4246] Atomizing cards will sometimes result in decks with the atomized cards becoming non-queueable, giving an "unowned cards" error. This is fixable by editing the deck and hitting save

[DCDFC-1965] Featured banner images are not selectable or missing buttons

[DCDFC-3651] Sometimes during the argument mission in Superman/Shazam: First Thunder Comic Adventure - Part 2, you can win the game without a total influence level of 100

[DCDFC-1250] Disconnecting while searching for a match will not cancel the queue, soft-locking the player on the “Finding Match” screen

[DCDFC-4209] Switching the Deluxe toggle on for Leaders will show the Deluxe version of the AA versions

[DCDFC-4133] Some Flashpoint cards are using incorrect audio

[DCDFC-4097] ‘Eugene Choi’s’ Deploy ability is missing its visual indication when adding 3 Lightning Bolts to your deck

[DCDFC-4088] Players will not be able to play or exit the versus screen if they previously disconnected on the versus menu of a comic

[DCDFC-3899] Flashpoint’s reward card portrait switches to the reward of the previously highlighted comic

[DCDFC-3739] 'Radio’s' speech bubble does not display correctly

[DCDFC-3625] Card animation during Flashpoint Part 2 looks like the user discards their entire hand

[DCDFC-3622] ‘The Joker’s’ Leader ability plays out of order and missing its sound effects during Flashpoint Part 1

[DCDFC-3617] 'General Adam' is missing his Leader ability’s sound effects in Flashpoint Part 1

[DCDFC-3615] ‘Project Superman Vault’ is missing its Leader ability’s sound effects in Flashpoint Part 1

[DCDFC-3612] During Flashpoint Part 2, Mission 4, Enchantress occasionally creates a Magical Spell and does not play it

[DCDFC-3611] When a player begins Flashpoint Part 2, Mission 4, the game log shows an existing history

[DCDFC-3592] The objectives bar does not appear when Emperor Aquaman buffs sea creatures during Flashpoint Part 2

[DCDFC-3590] During Flashpoint Part 2, Mission 1, when a Tentacle gets knocked out it will frame in and out when another Tentacle is summoned

[DCDFC-3097] ‘Batman’s’ Leader ability contains errors in the overhead text when choosing a card

[DCDFC-3096] A.I. will heal undamaged Recruits during a match

[DCDFC-2382] Internet loss during a PvP match when the Ranked Ladder resets will cause a temporary account lock

[DCDFC-1362] The bounds around the game board are not aligned correctly

[DCDFC-1145] Players are not notified of the Ranked Rewards they automatically receive at their current rank in the beginning of a new season

[DCDFC-479] ‘Booster Gold’s' gold generating ability does not have sound effects

[DCDFC-4172] ‘Atomize Extras’ button is misshaped when highlighted during tutorial [REOPENED]

[DCDFC-4156] The Achievement button is clickable in the profile widget even though the feature is disabled [REOPENED]

[DCDFC-4106] Barry Allen’s Movement ability in Flashpoint Part 1 comic has weird display text [REOPENED]

[DCDFC-3624] Certain Leader abilities are missing sound effects in Flashpoint Part 2 comic [REOPENED]

[DCDFC-3598] Reverse Flash’s Leader ability is missing sound effects in Flashpoint Part 1 comic [REOPENED]

[DCDFC-3386] Switching between pages in the Deckbuilder can drop game performance and cause names to fail to load [REOPENED]

[DCDFC-1887] Shoot Randomly is missing its card play visual effects [REOPENED]

[DCDFC-1242] Players are unable to queue for matches until they relog if they were logged in before and after the new season started [REOPENED]

[DCDFC-1231] Emotes and Emote previews do not have consistent sizing if selected [REOPENED]

[DCDFC-1163] Ranked badges can be slightly obscured while ‘On-fire’ status is active [REOPENED]