Known Issues - September 7

[DCDFC-2271] Lex Luthor does not show his visual effects to the opposing player

[DCDFC-3705] Using a Leader ability that makes you choose cards (like Zatanna), and you disconnect during that choice, will result in the choice options being blank when you reconnect

[DCDFC-3696] Using the 'Enter' key while an incorrect/missing password error is present can break the functionality of the login button

[DCDFC-3659] Selecting a deck that has emotes then selecting a deck without emotes, and pressing the blank emote button will produce the emote audio of the last selected deck

[DCDFC-3445] The completed Weekly Quest audio and visuals are playing every time the player opens the Quests tab

[DCDFC-3898] Renee Montoya has some visual issues with her Hunter icon

[DCDFC-3809] Detective Chimp displays wrong buffs when Appetite for Conquest has been played

[DCDFC-3801] You can't change the name of a deck from the deck list in the collection

[DCDFC-3084] After completing a comic, it will incorrectly display the "New" badge in the comic menu