Leaders in DC DUAL FORCE

There are three card types in DC Dual Force: Recruits are characters who are summoned to the battlefield and engage in combat. Actions are cards with an immediate one time effect that do not stay on the battlefield. Leaders begin the game on the battlefield and help define the identity and playstyle of your deck. We’d like to discuss Leaders in more detail with you now.

In Dual Force every deck is helmed by two different Leaders. They can be from the same or different factions, and can even be a mix of heroes and villains. When you first start playing DC Dual Force, you will have 6 different leaders to choose from, but there are many more to collect. There are lots of interesting combinations, so you should experiment and find the combination that best suits your style!

Leaders start the game on the battlefield in the back row corners. They occupy spaces on the board, like Recruits, and after they are KO’d they leave an empty space behind.

Leader Blog Gameplay Asset.png

The objective of DC Dual Force is to KO both of your opponent’s Leaders before they KO yours. This makes them the most important characters on the battlefield. Each Leader offers a unique and powerful ability which can change the tide of battle and put you on the path to victory!

Let’s take a look at Wonder Woman as a Leader:

LEADER_Wonder Woman (1).png

Wonder Woman has an ability that costs two charges and grants her four power until the end of the turn. This allows her to attack on the turn you activate her ability. She also gives all your Recruits on the battlefield an additional health, making them harder to KO. In the bottom-right corner, you’ll also see that she begins the game with an impressive 21 health. Leaders have a variety of starting health totals, so keep that in mind when picking your Leaders.

To use a Leader’s ability you will need to spend some of their charges. At the start of each turn, both of your Leaders gain a charge. Some Recruits, Actions, and abilities will also allow you to gain additional charges. Here is an example of an Action that helps charge up your Leaders:

Dual Force Reisized.png

Each Leader tracks their own charges separately and can store as many charges as you want. However, they can only activate their Leader ability once per turn.

The Flash Risized.png Cyborg Risized.png

Leaders have a wide array of abilities and purposes. Some Leaders, like The Flash, get into the action early and mix it up with enemies. While others are like Cyborg, who bide their time before striking with a powerful game-ending ability.

Black Adam Risized.png Harley Quinn Risized.png

Find the Leaders that best fit your needs and pair them together to make exciting and powerful decks! We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we have. See you next time!