Level Up Your Collection with Bundles!

We hope you enjoy the DC Dual Force Open Beta! Everyone has their favorite DC Comics characters, and those fan connections are the centerpiece of our player experience. In DC Dual Force, Super Heroes and Super-Villains are called Leaders, and each player’s deck is created from two Leaders who control what Recruits and Actions you can use.

Today, we are launching our first “Leader Bundles” that players can purchase, allowing them to show off their love of Harley Quinn and Batgirl.

Leader Bundles


For 1,300 Gems, each Leader Bundle contains:

  • A Leader Pack, including a special alternate-art version of the Leader's card, and 2 boosters.
  • 3 Origins cards that work well in combination with the Leader, inspiring deckbuilding.
  • A special card back and profile image themed to the Leader, showing off your favorite.
  • 5 Origins Booster Packs.

Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash will join them this week as Leader Bundles. But if you want the contents of those Leader Bundles right now -- and get a great deal on booster packs -- be sure to pick up the Founder's Premium Bundle, delivering all their cosmetics, plus 71 boosters for 7,000 Gems right now. That's approximately the equivalent of under $1 per pack -- and the cosmetics are essentially free!

Founder's Premium Bundle

Founder's Premium Bundle Shot FINAL.png

For 7,000 Gems, the Founder's Premium Bundle delivers:

  • Alt-art Leader Packs from the Leader Bundles of The Flash, Batman and Wonder Woman (including their combined 6 boosters);
  • The Leader Bundle Origins cards, card backs, profile images, and emotes for The Flash, Batman, and Wonder Woman; plus
  • Special Cyborg card backs and profile image;
  • a unique Green Arrow emote; and
  • 65 booster packs (bringing the total Founder's Pack Booster count to 71).

We hope you enjoy building around your favorite DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains in DC Dual Force long into the future, finding new ways to rally Arkham Asylum inmates to your fight, or deploy the masterful devices of Batman and the Tactics faction. And we hope to see you in the game, soon!