Patch Notes - August 22


  • Blue Beetle Comic is now available!


  • Actions that have random targets can no longer incorrectly target HIDDEN recruits
  • Invincible Recruits are now correctly removed from play when sacrificed
  • Naomi will now count “create and play” cards such as the ones from Amethyst and Timothy Hunter
  • Polymorph can no longer incorrectly transform a Recruit into the same Recruit
  • If your opponent has a full hand and you play The Ridder, you will now correctly receive a card your opponent seeks
  • Tidal Wave no longer visually disappears from the gameboard
  • Tidal Wave now correctly triggers abilities such as Black Adam’s ability
  • Gift of Nabu now works correctly
  • Shazam now correctly turns back into Billy Batson when KO’d
  • Ventriloquist no longer disables the End Turn button when played


  • Deluxe cards earned from a Leader pack now have their foil look on the large cards
  • The collection should now count the cards you own more correctly
  • The option to concede has been returned to the unranked queue
  • Actions/Abilities that KO a friendly recruit can no longer prevent the game from progressing when attacking before the Action/Ability animation completes
  • Wonder Woman’s ability no longer visually adds the +1[POWER] before the animation plays
  • Targetless actions, like Shockwave and Earthquake, now correctly highlight when over the board
  • Effects that summon multiple Recruits now play summon animations simultaneously
  • Damage and KO animations now play simultaneously


  • Reconnect is now in the build, but it is still a work in progress. Users may experience reconnection issues in some edge cases.
  • In some cases, lag can cause a unit to temporarily display incorrect health values before updating
  • SHIELD Recruits can sometimes lose their SHIELD after returning to hand and being played again
  • Newly created accounts will not see pending friend requests on their first login
  • Riddler’s ability incorrectly will remove Aura from him at the start of the opponent’s turn
  • Queuing up multiple actions can cause visual anomalies, like the GUARD icon on Recruits to not appear until the end of turn