Patch Notes - August 30


  • Daily/Weekly Quests are now available!

Please note that, as reported when we reinstated the Beta Bonanza on August 23, the 400 Dual Coin bonus for each of a player’s first 4 wins are going away with the implementation of Daily and Weekly Quests. Players will earn 200 Dual Coins for each win, moving forward. When the official Daily Login Track fully launches with all its benefits, the 3 booster packs for new players and daily pack for returning players will be discontinued.


  • Fix for the End Turn button triggering without being clicked, which ends the turn prematurely
  • Batman’s Leader ability will now show players upgraded gadgets if that is what they will receive
  • Naomi will no longer incorrectly be KO’d by a friendly action and then revived with her own ability
  • Parasite’s stats now update properly when activating his ability again with Batgirl (Leader)
  • The Riddler’s ability will no longer pop his AURA if he has it
  • Lex Luthor (Recruit) will now display the correct stats if he switches tiles
  • Amethyst’s Crystal Blast now correctly counts for John Constantine’s ability if Amethyst was brought back with Necromancy
  • Aura no longer incorrectly prevents attack damage if the attack was initiated with an action
  • Batwing no longer incorrectly has buffs when returned to hand via Grapnel Gun
  • Kyle Rayner’s Construct Kaiju will now correctly trigger Black Adam’s ability
  • Fixed and interaction if Cyborg (Recruit) KOs the last opposing Recruit when you play Harvey Bullock. This no longer prevents the game from continuing


  • Profile Icons should now display correctly in the Friends List
  • Fix for decks becoming invalid after an update
  • Cards in the Reward UI now word wrap better
  • Fixed a game slowdown issue caused by rapidly attacking
  • Leader attack animations now correctly shows when attacking an INVINCIBLE character
  • Fixed various audio issues with the Tutorial
  • Zatanna’s Leader ability animation now correctly plays for the opponent
  • Fix for John Stewart sometimes getting the game into a state where it would not progress
  • The Menu icon in the collection now correctly brings up the options menu
  • Fixed the misaligned [HEALTH] icon in the “Visit the Family” choice in the Blue Beetle: Metamorphosis comic
  • Updated the music for Blue Beetle: Metamorphosis
  • Mass Arrest’s animations now correctly play when the recruits leave the gameboard
  • Fixed various animations playing out of order


We have moved the Known Issues to a separate page so we can update it more easily between patches, if necessary. You can visit that page by clicking here.