Patch Notes - August 8


  • Disorganized Crime: Now reads “Each friendly Arkham Inmate makes a bonus attack at random. ADRENALINE: Give them +2[ATK].” This is just a templating change and not a functional change.
  • Fixed an issue where the card Dark Future would not function in Mission 2 of Justice League Origins Part 1
  • Lobo’s mark will appear on his target
  • Fixed an issue where Naomi gained +1 / +1 when a created Recruit was summoned via another Leader’s ability
  • Mulligan now redraws the user’s selected cards when the timer runs out
  • Fixed an issue where cards indirectly created from a leader ability would not appear
  • Sustained Effort will activate properly when played immediately after another card
  • Aquaman’s ability no longer softlocks users when activated after another Leader’s ability activation
  • Mercy Graves’ ability no longer stacks


  • Justice League: Origins - Part 2 is now available to play!
  • Updated the Set information on several cards to reduce confusion and better reflect how to get the card.
  • Fixed some issues for ultra-wide monitors. This is a work in progress.
  • Fixed various issues with scrolling through the Collection
  • Users will correctly gain the rewards for completing Tutorial Mission 3.
  • Fixed an issue where the turn timer wouldn’t activate for the second player
  • Various reconnection fixes
  • Fixed an issue where cards stuck on the board would prevent users from exiting the match


  • Reconnect is now in the build, but it is still a work in progress. Users may experience reconnection issues in some edge cases.
  • The Brave and The Bold starter deck does not appear until after relog
  • Profile images in messages currently have some graphical issues
  • Newly created accounts won’t see pending friend requests on first login
  • Lex Luthor is currently requiring you to press the Rewards button twice, just like a Super-Villain
  • Send in the Clowns does not currently work
  • When a card gains INVINCIBLE, the tooltip will be empty on zoom
  • Preset decks will duplicate once after the user relogs
  • Selecting multiple cards to mulligan will cause the red "X" to fade and reappear
  • The Faction counter highlight is misaligned and overlaps with the other Factions in the Collection
  • Attacks against an enemy leader will not update in the Game Log immediately
  • In some cases, lag can cause a unit to temporarily display incorrect health values before updating
  • Hovering over the gem currency will cause a twinkle SFX to play longer than intended
  • The Card Back reward for JLO2 is showing the wrong image, though the correct reward is granted. Here is an image of the correct card back: