Patch Notes - November 14


  • Suicide Squad Part 2 comic adventure is live!

  • Cards from the Halloween and Blue Beetle Mini Sets will now no longer prevent some users from using those decks in ranked


  • La Dama should now correctly count Paco Testas as Gold for her Deploy ability

  • Fixed issues with cancelling recruit Deploy abilities on previously occupied tiles


  • Improved error handling when starting matches

  • Right clicking on the Green Arrow Recruit will no longer crash the game

  • Added handling for larger numbers in the profile widget

  • Added missing visual effects to the General Zod Leader Ability activation

  • Removed lingering highlight after pack purchase during the tutorial

  • Fixed a typo in the Suicide Squad comic part 1 description

  • Fixed some visual effects in Suicide Squad comic part 1

  • Updated the battle music for Suicide Squad comic part 1

Known Issues

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