Patch Notes - October 10


  • Green Lantern: Twilight of the Guardians Comic - Part 1 is live

  • The October Subscription Mini Set is now available

  • New Daily Login Track

  • Omni Cards have been added to the loot tables for Leader packs

  • Dark Nights: Death Metal Bundles have been added to the store


  • Flashpoint: Now says “Put each card in your hand into your deck. Draw that many cards.” and is now a GOLD cost (was BRONZE).

  • Hellblaze: Now says “Deal 4 damage to each enemy Recruit and 2 damage to each enemy Leader.”

  • John Stewart: Is now a 4/5 (was a 5/4).

  • Brainiac: Is now a 6/7 (was a 5/5).


  • ‘Blue Beetle' no longer activates its own ability when you play it from your hand after using 'Grapnel Gun’

  • Single-target Recruit abilities can now be canceled after being put into play

  • Construct Kaiju now leaves the game board when Kyle Rayner is transformed


  • The “End” button will no longer trigger on its own

  • The Ranked Reward pop-up will display the correct values for all Dual Coin rewards

  • Aquaman will no longer remain visually on the game board if KO’d by Poison Kiss after using his ability to summon the ‘Storm, the Seahorse’ card

  • Store assets will no longer overlap each other when purchased and viewed in the Reward pop-up screen

  • Resetting your password will now enforce the password guidelines and rules

  • There is no longer a visual bug on Mini Sets displaying the wrong number of acquired cards

  • Switching between Leaders, Cards, and Cosmetics tabs in the Deckbuilder will no longer cause a drop in performance

  • Emotes and emote previews now have consistent sizing and centering when selected

  • Emotes no longer overlap with other assets in the Reward pop-up

  • New users will now have the proper Profile icon when messaging friends under Social

  • All Reward screens now have the correct title when gaining rewards

  • Atomized cards will no longer flag the deck with an “unknown cards” error

  • The Reward pop-up notification is no longer layered behind the Profile Widget window

  • Cards will no longer become abnormally large when playing them

  • Lex Luthor no longer requires you to press the Rewards button twice

  • Various visual and audio fixes client-wide

  • Giovanni’s ability counter now properly updates with each spell played

  • Audio that plays when hovering over a currency item now plays short and properly stops when navigating away

  • When the user creates a new deck in the play menu, navigating back will take them to the Play Menu once more

  • Black Adam will now play his charge animations before activating his ability for the first time

  • Scrolling mouse wheel no longer plays menus in reverse

  • The ‘Malcolm Merlyn’ card should now display their [LETHAL] tooltip information correctly

  • Added various reward pop-ups to improve messaging in the client

  • ‘The Riddler’ no longer causes players to temporarily have an extra card in their hand for one turn

  • ‘The Joker’ recruit now deals damage once it’s been KO’d

  • Improved the Login Reward responsiveness

  • Improved Navigation within the game client

  • Decks no longer become invalid after updating when the player owns the cards

  • Added a search filter for the Blue Beetle Mini Set

  • Players are now shown the reward screen once with all their rewards present in Superman/Shazam: First Thunder Comic Adventure - Part 2

Known Issues

For more information about Known Issues related to this week's build, please click here.