Patch Notes - September 13


  • Flashpoint - Part 2 is now available for subscribers


  • Booster Gold: Now says, “The first time you play Booster Gold or another [GOLD] card each turn, generate [GOLD].”
  • Flashpoint - Part 1 had various changes to reduce complexity and difficulty


  • The “Game Rules” cube, above the game log, should now communicate to the player more effectively when a new rule is in play
  • Cards with Deploy abilities are no longer incorrectly displaying a lightning bolt keyword icon
  • Fixed the Alternate Art Lex Luthor (Leader) to have the same Health as the normal version
  • Phobia’s leader ability now correctly increases costs (Blue Beetle Comic Adventure)
  • The Reach now correctly boosts the attack of the The Reach it creates (Blue Beetle Comic Adventure)


  • Various fixes to improve PARTING SHOT animations
  • Updated visual indicator on the portrait frame in menus to correctly indicate (turns gold) when you are a subscriber
  • Polish to Wonder Woman (Leader) ability animation
  • Polish to Hal Jordan (Leader) attach animation
  • Improved error messaging for login
  • Fixed the login reward navigation arrows
  • Cosmetic rewards in the Daily Login rewards track now more clearly indicate they are cosmetic rewards
  • The Sacrifice tool tip on zoom has been fixed to appear properly
  • Reduced the number of blank helper text boxes on zoom
  • Rerolling Quests no longer incorrectly causes them to move positions
  • Fixed the [GOLD] icon in the War in Africa choice moment in Flashpoint - Part 1
  • Ranking up to a new tier should now only play one audio queue
  • The correct number of pips should now display when you de-rank in the Ladder
  • Fixed some display issues when loading into the World’s Finest UI