Patch Notes - September 21


Crafting is now available!

Superman / Shazam: First Thunder - Part 1 is now available

Quest value changes: Quest Value Update


  • [DCDFC-438] PARTING SHOT now has its own KO animation

  • [DCDFC-447] Healing effects now have an animation

  • [DCDFC-1244] Deck Names and content now update and display correctly when saved

  • [DCDFC-1371] The border around your portrait now correctly becomes gold when you are a subscriber

  • [DCDFC-1423] ‘Eclipso’s’ attack animation no longer continues to target a Recruit after using his ability

  • Cleaned up various Leader animations

  • [DCDFC-2042] Target visual effects and card animation no longer overlap on the opponent’s turn

  • [DCDFC-2269] [DCDFC-2270] ‘Lasso of Truth’ card now displays visual effects correctly

  • [DCDFC-2343] ‘Heart of Darkness' no longer has overlapping visual effects when an opponent plays the card

  • [DCDFC-3376] [HEALTH] and [FREE] symbols are now appearing properly in tooltips when playing through comics

  • [DCDFC-3606] Flashpoint - Part 1 Comic Adventure Mission 3 match will no longer display a UI glitch

  • [DCDFC-3607] Flashpoint - Part 1 Comic Adventure Mission 3 will now display card faces correctly as they are added to the player’s hand

  • [DCDFC-3791] Sound effects now play properly when receiving multiple Ranked rewards

  • [DCDFC-3941] The deluxe upgrade will now properly display on cards players acquire after they have already received the upgrade

  • [DCDFC-4011] Unowned Leaders and cards are now greyed out in their respective tabs under Collection

  • [DCDFC-161] Daily Login Rewards will now indicate when a reward is available to be claimed

  • [DCDFC-483] ‘La Dama’ card now has sound effects when using her unique ability

  • [DCDFC-1920] Pressing continue at the end of a match and attempting to log out afterward no longer soft locks the client

  • [DCDFC-1926] The “Subscribe to Unlock” button now brings players to the Subscription page

  • [DCDFC-2438] A match will now properly end if a player concedes while Mulligan is in play

  • [DCDFC-2598] The visual effects of some keywords no longer remain on Recruits when they are polymorphed

  • [DCDFC-2934] The “Meatball Party!” Cyborg emote is no longer missing its audio

  • [DCDFC-3053] During Blue Beetle mission 4, an animation will now play when a Recruit replaces Warp

  • [DCDFC-3099] During Blue Beetle mission 3, the ‘Resist' card now has the correct description

  • [DCDFC-3393] Factions logos on card backs no longer cause weird visual effect

  • [DCDFC-3399] Selecting “Get More Packs” in the Open Packs page will now direct the player to Packs page in the store

  • [DCDFC-3446] The objective under Weekly Quests will display correctly when completed

  • [DCDFC-3450] The quest progression bar for “Win 10 games” now fills correctly when completed

  • [DCDFC-3569] Daily Quests will now appear in a check-marked state when completed

  • [DCDFC-3584] A reward menu will now pop up after a match if the quest has been completed

  • [DCDFC-3655] An animation will now play when clicking on Gold rewards in the Daily Login Rewards

  • [DCDFC-1334] Improvements to battlefield lighting

  • Various issues have been resolved in Flashpoint Comic Adventures

  • [DCDFC-4143] Store Items will no longer overlap with other assets in Social and Reward pop-ups

Known Issues

Please visit our September 21 Known Issues for more information.