Patch Notes - September 29


Superman/Shazam: First Thunder Comic Adventure - Part 1 Player Deck Adjustment

The deck has been adjusted to have more consistent early plays, this will improve the Part 2 playthrough.

Hey friends, we are aware that Flashpoint in particular has been problematic and we're working on toning down Hellblaze just a bit. The DCDF team will be working toward fixing these issues but, unfortunately, those fixes will not be in this patch. Please expect these changes to come with the next upcoming patch. We deeply appreciate your patience in this critical time; Flashpoint is admittedly overtuned, and R&D will strive to not let power imbalances at that level fall through the cracks in the future. Thanks so much for helping us make DCDF as good as it can be!


  • We made some updates to our installer/launcher. Today’s patch may take longer to download as a result.

  • In-game moments during Comic Adventures will now load more quickly

  • The final reward on the Gold Membership Track will now give out a random Deluxe Super Rare card in addition to a Deluxe or Alternate-Art version of a top mini-set card. Players who previously qualified to receive the final reward in the Gold track for the September season will receive a random Ultimate card for their collections separately, having erroneously received random Super Rares when the reward language said they would get Ultimates

  • Superman/Shazam: First Thunder Comic Adventure - Part 1 Encounter 2, Enemy Deck had Invalid "S.T.R.I.P.E." card

  • The Deluxe crafting button is set to lock based on full price instead of the discounted price

  • The Courage of Achilles choice is not active for the 4th mission of Superman/Shazam: First Thunder Comic Adventure - Part 1

  • Players will no longer get soft-locked from their account during their tutorial missions

  • The invincible visual effect is no longer visible on the board before Leaders load in Flashpoint Comic - Part 1 Mission 1

  • Activating a Leader that has choice selections will no longer lock players when ending their turn

  • Unselected enemy mods will no longer display in the objective screen of Flashpoint Comic Mission 4

  • Store bundles will have the correct store tag displaying at all times

  • Flashpoint Mission 3 will play the correct sound file

  • [LETHAL] tooltip will now properly display when viewing Malcolm Merlyn

  • The word “Action” is now capitalized when viewing the ‘Hidden’ and ‘Aura’ tooltips

  • Lex Luthor's dialogue will properly play when viewing the Rewards tab for the first time

  • Fixed intro sequence animations so Leaders don’t overlap with card draw in Blue Beetle Comic Mission 1

  • Friends tab will be highlighted first when viewing the Social page

  • “Galvanized Resolve” option will now be highlighted when hovered over when given the choice after Superman/Shazam: First Thunder Comic Adventure - Part 1 Mission 1

  • Players will be directed to the Packs tab when selecting the “Get the Latest Packs!” button in the Store

  • Clicking on the Gems icon in the Profile Widget will now direct you to the Gem purchase page in the Store

  • Reward popup for Atoms no longer overlaps the Atomization visual effects during atomization

  • The option “War in Africa” now functions in Flashpoint Mission 3

  • The Done button on the Rewards page now behaves correctly

  • Display issues have been fixed and when viewing rewards in the Reward Bundle UI

  • The Rewards page will no longer be blank after completing a tutorial mission

  • Store Images will no longer overlap with other store popups

  • Unowned Leaders now display without any imperfections on the Collection page

  • The Deluxe version of ‘The Flash’ no longer displays eye distortion

  • Quest tab properly shows a re-rolled quest without having to refresh

  • Certain cards now properly display their [SUMMON] and [BONUS ATTACK] tooltip descriptions

  • Certain cards no longer display a blank tooltip when previewed

  • Fixed a typo on an error message that appears when creating an account with a name blocked by the profanity filter

  • The Faction Counter highlight is now properly aligned and no longer overlaps with other factions

  • The game board and leaders properly load in when playing through Flashpoint Mission 3

  • Superman/Shazam: First Thunder comic rewards now grant without requiring a relog

Known Issues

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