Patch Notes - September 7


  • Ranked Ladder, Subscriptions, and Daily Login are now available!
  • Flashpoint - Part 1 is now available!


  • Lex Luthor (Leader): Now has 18 HEALTH (was 19 HEALTH).
  • Connor Hawke: Now a 2/6 (was a 1/6).
  • Ch’p: Now says, “DEPLOY: You may pay [BRONZE] to give Ch’p and a Green Lantern in your hand +1/+1 and AURA.”, is now a BRONZE cost (was FREE), and is now a 2/3 (was a 1/1).
  • Darla Dudley: Now a 3/1 (was a 2/1).
  • Imbued With Lightning: Now FREE (was BRONZE).
  • John Constantine: Now has AURA and says “After you play a Magical Spell, give your Recruits +1/+1.”
  • Liberty Belle: Now a 3/2 (was a 3/1).
  • Max Mercury: Now a 3/3 (was a 2/3).
  • Doomsday: Now has HUNTER and says, “PARTING-SHOT: Return Doomsday to your hand and he gets +2 [POWER] this game.”
  • Mr. Mxyzptlk’s Mischief: Now says, “Replace your deck with random Super-Rare and Ultimate cards. Draw a card.” (“Draw a card” was added.)
  • The Joker (Recruit): Now says, “After a friendly Arkham Inmate is KO’d, deal 3 damage to a random enemy Leader.”, is now a [SILVER] cost, and is now a 6/3 (was 6/4).
  • Black Mask: Now says, “After you Deploy another Arkham Inmate, give your other Arkham Inmates +1/+1.” (he no longer affects himself) and is now a 3/3 (was a 2/2).


  • SHIELD Recruits that were returned to hand should now correctly have SHIELD when played again.
  • The following cards had the word “another” added to their text to make it clearer what they affected (no functional changes):
  1. Cyborg (Recruit)
  2. Harley Quinn (Recruit)
  3. Mera
  4. Metamorpho
  5. Naomi
  • Changed the keyword “ATTACKS RANDOMLY” to now be named “CHAOTIC”. This is just a cosmetic change, it’s mechanically the same effect.
  • Lobo now correctly draws cards and changes their cost after attacking and KO’ing a marked bastich (character).
  • Fixed an issue where Upgraded Grapnel Gun did not correctly apply EVADE.


  • Fixed some issues with voice over lines.
  • Clicking banners on the home page now directs you to the proper item in the store.
  • The Password field no longer incorrectly disappears when entering an incorrect password.
  • Weekly quests will now say “Completed” when you’ve completed it.
  • Single-purchase store items, like bundles, can no longer incorrectly be purchased multiple times
  • Losing connection while a Leader ability animation is playing will no longer cause your hand to disappear when you reconnect
  • Fixed some AI interaction issues with Billy Batson
  • Store items no longer can render on top of the Social and Rewards pop-ups
  • Justice League: Origins comic rewards are now correctly being rewarded
  • Fixed some visual issues with Green Arrow’s created arrows

Known Issues

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