Platinum Level Twitch Drops Now Available!

In DC Dual Force, creators who play at an elite level can reward their audiences with elite Twitch Drops! In our Green Lanterns Unite campaign, creators who achieved a Platinum ranking or higher during the October ladder season by 10 a.m. Pacific on October 30 unlocked special levels of Twitch Drops for their viewers, like you!

  • Watch 1 hour of any combination of the Twitch streamers listed below, and earn a Deluxe Energy Blast, a rare omni card, and 600 atoms to convert it to its deluxe version!


  • Watch 2 hours of those streamers, and earn the Lanterns United profile image, plus a deluxe Chaselon card.


  • Watch 3 hours of those streamers and get a Deluxe John Stewart (Super Rare) recruit card.


  • Watch 4 hours of those streamers and receive our special card back for The Dawnbreaker!


Watch and claim your rewards by 2 p.m. Pacific on November 6 to get these elite rewards!

Here is the list of streamers who qualified:

  • 1JustNathan
  • Analyze it Gaming
  • asktheheel
  • CombatPanda007
  • comixfans
  • CritCityJ
  • Dexterco
  • erlite64
  • Flenton
  • Gaubss
  • Iamblayde
  • JaguaraTCG
  • jhugs
  • Kaynen_SkyesTheLimit
  • Life Changing Video Games
  • longtim1993
  • lorswamp
  • MageArmour
  • MrFrusko
  • ObiJohn
  • P2Random
  • RagingPandaEh
  • strawgat
  • THe_1HiRo
  • Vellynt
  • Witbaart
  • ZenjiCCG
  • Zeprido