Season Spotlight: Black Manta

Just like last season, we wanted to give you a sneak preview of what’s to come in DC Dual Force this December. The mini-set theme for December is “the struggle between Aquaman and Black Manta” so expect many Atlantean-themed cards! Anarchy new effects that remove cards from your opponents deck, Might gets new sea creature sources, and Tyranny gets something new altogether!

“I can just watch you die... and then I rest.” - Black Manta

Let's start things off with the man himself, Black Manta. Black Manta is a ruthless mercenary, who will destroy anything that gets between him and his target. After Black Manta attacks, he'll dive deeper, this time targeting the enemy player's deck. Anarchy's 5th Leader offers a unique playstyle in contrast to his fellow Leaders; how will you take advantage of this vicious attack?


Sink the opponent’s deck!

Chimera.webp Piracy.webp

The Black Manta, paired with other deck destruction effects such as Unending Ruin or the new cards Piracy and Chimera each lead to some potentially devastating consequences.

Black Manta isn’t the only threat in the ocean!

Dolphin.webp Atlana.webp Vulko.webp

Bring more Sea Creatures to the battlefield with Atlanna and capitalize on your aquatic domination With Dolphin or Vulko’s deploy effect. (Vulko would like to remind you that he can be used with any Recruit type, not just Sea Creatures)

Sir, do you have 5 Power or more?

Nereus.webp The_Dead_Kings_Scepter.webp Trench.webp

Nerues and The Dead King’s Scepter bring new tools to the arsenal of the “5 Power or more” archetype. The Tyrannical King of the Atlantean Kingdom Xebel, as powerful allies around him fall, his influence over the game only grows!

Originally stolen by Black Manta, The Dead King’s scepter was one of the seven weapons buried with the “Dead King of Atlantis.” It has great power and in Dual Force the wielder is sacrificed in the process, as a consequence of the chaos your empty spaces will be filled with “The Trench” hellish creatures from the darkest depths of the ocean.

Siren.webp Atlan.webp

Unlike her twin sister Mera, Siren wasn’t born with her hydrokinetic power, despite her power’s magical origin she can be just as devastating as her twin counterpart.

The “Dead King” himself, Atlan, former ruler of Atlantis joins the fight. Atlan has control over snow and ice, he uses this power to exhaust his enemies before he takes them out for good!

-- Willow, Global Creator and Player Engagement Manager


We’ve invited “AJENTxSPACELY” , a community member and content creator, to take a sneak peak at the miniset and theorycraft some decks to get you started with “Black Manta.”

Turbo Thunder


Mighty Girl


The Black Knight