Season Spotlight: Suicide Squad

The next season of DC Dual Force is about to begin! This season is all about the Suicide Squad! Many Suicide Squad cards have powerful effects that resolve when a friendly Suicide Squad Recruit is KO'd. We've included 6 brand new Suicide Squad recruits, but that wasn't quite enough. The following Origin set cards have been granted a new Recruit Type "Suicide Squad:" Partners In Crime (Punch and Jewlee), Killer Frost, Deadshot, Count Vertigo, Harley Quinn, Parasite, Peacemaker, The Cheetah, Enchantress, and Talon.

“What? We’re some kind of Suicide Squad?”

Amanda Waller_250x400.png

Amanda Waller hides in the shadows letting her “Suicide Squad” do the work for her, as each of them fall she recruits another. This Suicide Squad generation tool should help Suicide Squad decks gather their forces in the early stages of the game!

The Suicide Squad has some familiar faces, but also brand new ones!

Bloodsport_250x400.png King Shark_250x400.png Rick Flag_250x400.png

Bloodsport is an accomplished marksman. As such, if an enemy dare KO’s a fellow Suicide Squad member, he’ll make sure they don’t leave without a scratch.

Everyone’s favorite shark, King Shark smells blood in the water. When an enemy is wounded, he disregards the rules of engagement and hunts his prey down.

Typically the squad would be more than happy to simply dive into action, but under the guidance of Colonel Rick Flag, Jr. the squad can take a more “tactful” approach.

Introducing DC Dual Force’s first cards with multiple “Recruit Types!”

Harley Quinn_SS_250x400.png Killer Croc_250x400.png

Both Harley Quinn and Killer Croc become progressively unhinged in their own way as their fellow squad members are taken out.

The Suicide Squad “Action” doesn’t stop there.

Cranial Explosive_250x400.png

Sacrificing a friendly Suicide Squad Recruit seems harsh, but inspiring your other squad mates to pull their weight might just be worth the cost.

Welcome to Task Force X_250x400.png

Still not enough Suicide Squad Recruits for you? You can always enlist more members to the squad with Welcome to Task Force X. This gives your existing Suicide Squad recruits a boost in attack and gives all other recruits the Suicide Squad Recruit Type in addition to any Recruit Types they already have.

Who will “Lead” them?

General Zod_375x600.png

Of course we can’t leave this Kryptonian locked away in the phantom zone forever, so please welcome General Zod to the roster of Tyranny Leaders!

General Zod is a tad more tyrannical than his kryptonian counterpart, he forces his enemies to kneel before him and his allies. Will you pair General Zod with his fellow Suicide Squad members, or will you find him another home entirely?



The Justice League’s first villain is landing in DC Dual Force! Take control of your opponent’s Recruits by snatching them directly out of their deck!

Lastly, we asked our friend, content creator and community member “Blayde” to share their thoughts on the incoming set. Blayde hosts a DC Dual Force podcast and frequently uploads videos featuring new decks! You can find their social links at the bottom of this post, good luck on ladder, I can’t wait to see what you all cook up with the Suicide Squad!

-- Willow, Global Creator and Player Engagement Manager

Blayde’s Thoughts

We gave a sneak peek of Suicide Squad to Blayde, one of our awesome content creators. Here are his first impressions:

First of all let me start by saying WOW to the set of existing Recruits gaining the Suicide Squad Recruit Type. Not only does that let them have dual synergy, but I'm also just super excited for the long term possibilities of multi-Recruit Type Recruits. Amanda Waller is a contender for the most on point flavor in all of Dual Force, and her effect is still strong to boot!

I like the natural initial reaction is to think of the possibilities in an Anarchy/Tyranny Inmates/Suicide Squad hybrid deck, and that very well may wind up being the strongest possibility. However, I think Anarchy has enough juice with both Inmates and fresh new Suicide Squad members that you don't necessarily even need to lock yourself into pairing with Tyranny. Rick Flag's ability is really strong, and it might be worth pairing with Tactics just due to their overall card and Leader quality.

_ I know I'll immediately be trying to make him work with Batgirl and Sustained Effort to keep my Suicide Squad members from being KO'd until I'm good and ready! Killer Croc and Bloodsport are very strong payoffs for Suicide Squad synergy, but even just the value from Waller or the new Harley Recruit snowballing are big threats in their own right._

The card I'm most excited to mess around with though is Starro. The effect is just really cool and flashy, and it's another tool towards a board swarming Tyranny deck that I keep trying to make work every time we get a new Token-y card. This set of cards has all sorts of deck building wheels turning in my head and I can't wait to start experimenting.

That doesn't even begin talking about us getting ANOTHER new Leader! Zod opens up a whole new world for Tyranny deckbuilding, and I think his ability is strong enough that he is for sure going to make an impact. Four charges is indeed a lot, but his effect more than compensates for it, I think.

-- Blade