Streamer Beta Weekend is Here! What’s In the Beta and What’s Coming Soon!

The DC Dual Force Streamer Beta Weekend is here here! Starting at 12:00 Eastern (US), and running through 4 p.m. Eastern (US) this Friday – with the same time windows open Saturday and Sunday – you’ll get your first chance to see content creators building and playing decks built around legendary DC comics Super Heroes and Super-Villains – From Batman to Zatanna.

We have so much cool stuff for you to explore and enjoy with the content creators this weekend: Playing through our first comic, busting open packs, studying how you can build amazing decks around your favorite Super Heroes and Super-Villains, choosing from a pool of over 300 cards, challenging the AI with your decks to fine- tune them, and then playing against the community and friends in unranked play.

As you might expect from a beta, however, there are a few core experiences that are still in development but coming soon. These include Ladder play, where the more you compete and win, the more prizes you can earn; Crafting, where you can turn extra cards beyond the full playset you own in a particular rarity and convert them into resources to make cards at different rarities you don’t yet own; new comics you can play, added each week; and booster draft play.

More information on all these additional experiences will come shortly, but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy the chance to get closer with your favorite Super Heroes and Super-Villains – and discover new favorites – through all the cool deck construction and match play experiences available during the Beta Weekend!