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Twitch Drops

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You are just a few steps away from claiming awesome in-game rewards, just for watching participating DC Dual Force creators broadcast Twitch Drop Enabled streams on Twitch!!

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Current DC Dual Force Drops

Join us on the Road to World's Finest!

Experience the Road to World's Finest with your favorite Twitch streamers this Ranked Ladder season, from November 8 through December 4!

Creators around the world will have the chance to level up Twitch Drop rewards for their audiences as they progress to the highest levels of DC Dual Force ranked ladder play. The Road to World's Finest divides our November ladder season into two halves, with both containing a level of Twitch Drops open to all creators running Drops-enabled DC Dual Force broadcasts, and a premium level open to creators who register with us and achieve the highest DC Dual Force rankings.

November 8 - November 20

Starting at noon Pacific on November 8

Coins_LargeBundle 2 copy.png aquaman_aa_160.png

In our first half, all creators running Drops-enabled DC Dual Force streams give their audiences the chance to earn up to 4,000 Dual Coins and a special alt-art Aquaman Leader card just by watching. Watch an hour and earn 2,000 Dual Coins. Watch another hour, and earn 2,000 more coins. Complete the level and watch 4 hours, and collect your alt-art Aquaman!

Coins_LargeBundle 2 copy.png RARE_OMNI_CARD.png AA_Harley_Quinn_RWF_160.png

Streamers registering with us via our creator Discord and achieving Platinum rank in ladder play unlock a second level of rewards for their audiences: Watch an hour and get another 2,000 Dual Coins. At 2 hours, earn a Rare Omni card (allowing you to unlock any card at that rarity for your collection), plus enough Atoms to convert it to its animated Deluxe version. Then, at 4 hours, get a special alt-art Harley Quinn Leader card!

November 21 - December 4

Starting at noon Pacific on November 21

Coins_LargeBundle 2 copy.png SUPER_RARE_OMNI_CARD.png super_batman_profile_image_160.png

In the ladder season's final half, all creators running Drops-enabled DC Dual Force streams give their audiences the chance to earn another 2,000 Dual Coins after watching their first hour; followed by a Super Rare Omni card at 2 hours, along with enough Atoms to convert it to it's Deluxe version; and a unique Super Batman profile image at 4 hours.

S2UPER_RARE_OMNI_CARDS_160.png batgirl_aa_160.png RTWF_CardBack_160.png

Streamers who are able to achieve World's Finest ranking and register with us via our Creator Discord in the back half of our ladder season will unlock a truly awesome set of benefits for their viewers: 2 Super Rare Omni cards, plus the Atoms to make them Deluxe after watching an hour; an alt-art Batgirl after watching 2 hours of Drops-enabled streams; and at 4 hours, our ultimate prize: our exclusive Road to World's Finest card backs!

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For Creators

Creators wishing to unlock premium rewards for their audiences need to register with us via our Creator Discord. If you are not a part of our server, but are interested in the event and want to join, please DM Willow from the Official DC Dual Force Discord with your Twitch channel link for review and access.

To see who's broadcasting live where you can earn, click here!

How to Earn and Claim

Step 1 - Click the Link Your Accounts button above, taking you to sign-in.

Step 2 - Sign in or create an account.

a. If you don’t have a DC Dual Force account yet, click Sign up to create one. Otherwise;

b. Sign in using the email address/username and password you used when creating your DC Dual Force account.

Step 3 - Once in your account, click Link Providers, and follow the instructions.

a. As you’ve already signed in or created your DC Dual Force Account, click the Twitch link and follow Twitch’s login process.

b. Once done, your accounts are linked!

Step 4 - Go to Twitch and search for a live channel featuring the Drops Enabled tag (shown under the game name beneath the streamer’s name in the search.

Step 5 - Start watching that streamer’s Drops Enabled stream! a. In the chat bar, you’ll see a window you can click to monitor your progress towards earning that the next item.

Step 6 - After watching for the time requirement to earn the Twitch Drop, you can claim your item either:

a. in the window during the stream; or

b. by clicking the item in your drops inventory at Inventory - Twitch

Step 7 - After claiming, exit the game and log back in. Your items should show up in your inventory for you to use and enjoy. It may take up to a couple of hours for the items to transfer, so if they're not there at first, please try again soon.



Twitch Drops are a great way to earn rewards by watching select livestreams on Twitch for a certain period of time.


Nope! Twitch will save your progress toward each reward, so you can leave the stream and come back later in the day to continue progressing toward your item.


Step 1 - Make sure you’re not muted or minimized, as watching in those ways don’t count as active viewers on Twitch. Your progress will be paused under those conditions.

Step 2 - Make sure you’re set to appear as “Online” on Twitch.

Step 3 - Otherwise, try logging out of Twitch, clearing your cache, refreshing the page, and logging back in.


Remember, it might take a couple hours to show up. First, try logging out of the game and logging in to see if your items show up. If 24 hours have passed since you earned your item, and it’s still not showing up, try unlinking and relinking your Twitch account with your DC Dual Force account. If that still doesn’t work, please contact us at [email protected].