Team up your favorite DC super heroes in DC dual force!

DC Dual Force Shut Down

DC Dual Force Players,

We have made the difficult decision to close DC Dual Force. Players will no longer be able to make any in-app purchases as of today and the game server will officially be shut off on February 29, 2024. Until that date, player…

Unleash Your Dual Power!

Experience epic-level combat strategy with your favorite Super Hero or Super-Villain in DC Dual Force! Team them up with a classic partner – or an unusual ally – to win the day, surrounded by an army of Recruits and in-game Actions you’ve assembled, maximizing your favorite hero’s unique abilities.

Build your competitive skills against the AI, before taking on friends and the world in PvP matches, or play through an ever-growing list of comic adventures available in PvE solo-play – earning prize cards all along the way. No matter your play style, DC Dual Force gives you the chance to Unleash Your Dual Power!



Discover and Build Around Your Ultimate Duo!

Superman and Wonder Woman? Surely they’ll play together amazingly… But what if you cross Superman with… The Joker! A little Might mixed with Mayhem could be just the key you need for victory.


Deliver Insane Combos When Your Favorite Characters Team Up!

Couple Hal Jordan and the Lanterns’ abilities to generate special powers with the legendary gadgets of the Batman, and you could have a combo recipe built to overwhelm your opponents on any planet.


Solo-Play Classic Comics and Earn EXCLUSIVE Prizes With New, Playable Comics Added Each Week!

Earn special cards, emotes, card backs, and other cosmetic items by playing through classic DC comic adventures at your own pace, reliving great moments – or experiencing them the first time -- through gameplay! Pulled from the pantheon of great DC comics throughout its history, DC Dual Force will deliver new, playable experiences each week so you always have something new to play.


Represent Your Favorites In Every Match!

With access to all the great comics of DC’s history, DC Dual Force can deliver amazing custom card backs and other cosmetics that allow you to show off your favorite Super Heroes and Super-Villains in style!


Experience a Digital CCG That Is Easy to Learn, & Fun to Master!

DC Dual Force’s unique metal-based resource system makes it easy to know what you can play, and when. Your two stacks of resources evolve every turn, from bronze, to silver, to gold. The more valuable the metal, the stronger card you can play. No math is required! But the strategy and tactics you design decks around to maximize the potential of each resource makes it so your creative, competitive opportunities are endless!

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